The Growing Garnett Community Heart & Soul process will take approximately two years to complete.  You can volunteer as much or as little as you wish or have time for.  You can bring your skills and experience, or volunteer to gain experience in something you want to learn more about.


High school students are welcome to volunteer!

You can help by connecting us to groups in our community, joining a sub-team, or helping out whenever you have the time.  We appreciate any and all help!


Garnett residents, local business owners, community leaders, and organizations are all an important part of the Community Heart & Soul process.  If you're interested in learning more about part of Growing Garnett Community Heart and Soul, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Interest Form.

You are also welcome to call us at 785-433-5599 or email us at if you have any questions!

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What groups in our community are you a part of or can reach out to?  We need to reach out to and include the diverse voices of our community.  Examples include: lifelong community members, returners to Garnett, new residents, high school students, retirees, young parents/parents of young children, low income community members, industry and business owners, young professionals, faith community, medical community, arts community, agricultural community, K-12 education community, public leaders and any other formal or informal groups in Garnett.


Community Heart & Soul is led by a diverse group of community volunteers.  They bring their skills and talents to the table as they work hand in hand with the Project Coordinators and other community volunteers.  The Heart & Soul Team is not just a group of people who advise others on how to do the work; it is a working team, and members roll up their sleeves and participate in all aspects of community engagement.

What gifts do you have to offer?  What strengths would you like to share with the community and the Heart & Soul Team?  Below is a list of common Heart & Soul sub-teams.  Take a moment to review them and note which might be of interest to you.

Event Planning Sub-Team (Phases 1-4)

Event planning is needed throughout Heart & Soul.  This sub-team works with the Project Coordinators to flesh out the details for events and to plan and implement all logistics for community-wide events and neighborhood activities.

Story Gathering Sub-Team (Phases 1-3)

The Story Gathering Sub-Team is primarily needed during the end of Phase 1 through Phase 3.  This sub-team uses the Community Network Analysis and Story Gathering strategy tools to ensure that all demographics are reached in story gathering.  They also ensure that Story Gathering events are designed to adequately capture people's stories and participant data, as well as promote relationship-building and connections.  In Phase 3, they coordinate the process of gathering idea for action related to the Heart & Soul Statements.

Story Listening Sub-Team (Phase 2)

The Story Listening Sub-Team trains the story listeners in listening bias, organizes Story Listening events, and liaises with the Story Gathering and Data Management Sub-Teams.

Data Management Sub-Team (Phases 1-3)

The Data Management Sub-Team is responsible for data entry and data management as well as providing reports on data to the Heart & Soul Team.

Communications Sub-Team (Phases 1-4)

The Communications Sub-Team works with the other sub-teams to ensure that well-crafted and thought-out communication flows to the community using various communications channels.  This sub-team may designate specific roles within the team, including webmaster; social media manager; a local media liaison; photographer; graphic designer; videographer; and video editor.

*Videographer/Video Editor (Phases 1-4)

This optional position works with the Project Coordinators, Communications Sub-Team, and Heart & Soul Team to record story sharing and create videos.  The bulk of work is done in Phase 2 with Story Gathering, Listening, and Sharing; however; it's always great to capture video of events and activities throughout the process.

* Graphic Designer (Phases 1-4)

This optional position works with the Project Coordinators and Communication Sub-Team to prepare both print and web materials to ensure a professional image.

Sub-Team descriptions are from: Community Heart & Soul | Phase 1 Volunteer Workbook | Phase 1 Training Package v2 | © 2019